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Stickman fighting zombies, with a large array of weapons. Fight wave after wave of zombies. Use the WASD keys to move, R to reload. See how far you can get. Move around and try to shoot the zombies in their heads in order to cause more damage. If a zombie is on fire, do not stop shooting him with other guns. The grenades will help you in crunch situations when you`re surrounded by many zombies, so use them wisely.

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Escape from Hell Towers Your mission is to escape from the research facility known as Helltowers while saving as many prisoners as you can. Guards, Zombies and machines are going to try to stop you. De-Animator Based on the novel by H.P Lovecaft. Can you Make it through the forest? Veggie Zombies Durning the night you awake with hunger. You make your way down to the kitchen. Then OMFG, like WTF, VEGGIE ZOMBIES!!! Worms Icon Worms Zombies Everywhere! You have to get out of the sewers alive. So move ahead and defend your self! Worms Level 2 Now that you have exited the sewers you must push through the streets. More creatures more weapons! Zombie Kiss A lost lover, returns from the gravvve. And she want`s to give you a kiss you`ll never forget. Zombie Land You are kid on a skateboard roaming the streets with zombies. Shoot the explosive barrels, get weapons from running over wooden crates Zombie Slayer Your truck has ran out of gas. You exit, holding only a chainsaw. Just your luck, you end up at a cemetary. As you progess, you`ll find a bunch of different weapons to play with. Zombie Survival Metal Slug Style, side-scroller Zombie Survival SM Metal Slug theme, better verison, more upgrades and more levels. Use your score to upgrade your weapons. A total of 45 levels are available. Dawn of the Dead - Blackout You are trying to get the genator working in the mall parking lot. Defend the cage until you get it running... Look out behind you! Hidden Zombie a `find waldo` type of game. Find the target zombie and shoot it, before time runs out. Land of the Dead - Loot and Shoot The world is gone as you know it. The Dead walk the earth and the living hide in the shadows. To survive, YOU must venture into the land of the dead, to grab the things you need to stay alive. Things like food, medicine, and batteries. Real Life FPS First Person shooter in real life with zombies. Just Point,CLICK, and SPACEBAR to reload Resident Devil A spanish game, Just point and click to kill the the zombies :) click `JUGAR` to start the game Zombie Erik This is pretty cool and hard game. The main screen is moving all over the place and you need to be extremely quick. Zombies are comming from all directions and you have to shoot them down to survive. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to fire. Have fun! Attack of the Zombies Attack of the Zombies. This one reminds me of the oringal Doom. You get to use a machine gun or shotgun. BoxHead 2 Play Multi-Player Boxhead game. Fight the zombies together or head-to-head, it`s up to you. Brainz - Generic Overhead Zombie shooter Shoot zombies, earn money and buy better weapons. Don`t let them zombies eat your Brainz! Destroy all of the Zombies You`ve got a flamethrower, and hordes of zombies are coming at you, what else do you need to know? 10 lvls and your charater is upgradable. Destroy all of the Zombies 2 The Council has dumped a shitload of zombies outside your house. Moving into your frontyard, you begin the war against the horde of all Divine Intervention You are a priest. The world has fallen into choas! You with the power of god and your trusty guns Land of the Dead Make your way through the levels to freedom It`s got some kewl music to bout. Don`t forget to kick! Project Validus: Survival Gain skills and experience as you fight to survive in a city filled to the brim with walking dead. Project Validus: Survival is a zombie blasting game which comes equipped with a sizeable arsenal of zombie owning weapons. How long can you survive? If the dimensions of the game are too big for your screen, increase your screen resolution. Resident Evil Racoon city has been quarantined by the umbrella corporation. You play as Alice and you must fight to surive within the dead city. Different weapons will help you destroy more enemies. Pick these up as they appear. Zombie Storm Protect the survivors. Every time a zombie touches a civilan they turn into zombies. Save as many as you can with pistols, shotguns and more weapons. Zombie Surf What do zombies do when they aren`t eating people? They SURF of course! I want to learn how to surf. Someone get me a surf board :P


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